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Blocked outdoor rainwater/storm drain in Britain

The name you need for emergency drain unblocking

There's never a good time for a blocked drain. That's why No.1 Drains Aberdeen Ltd is available 24/7, so our experts are on hand to help, whenever you need us. If you've spotted the tell-tale signs of an issue, such as a strange smell or leakage, be sure to call us as soon as possible. 

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Dealing with a blocked drain isn't a pleasant job however, by employing a trained professional to do the dirty work for you, you can have the issue resolved quickly and without the hassle. Combined with over 20 years' experience, No.1 Drains Aberdeen ltd employs one of the industry's most innovative High Pressure Water Jetting systems (HPWJ), which allows us to clear blockages of every nature efficiently and with precision. 


A powerful, targeted stream of water is injected into the drain lines, quickly breaking down the obstructing materials and clearing the system entirely. Using water from access points, this approach means no digging of the surrounding land, mitigating any disruption to your property. To ensure we're following the latest safety and usage guidelines, and for added peace of mind that you'll always receive a trained expert, we're members of the WJA (Water Jetting Association). 

Drain jetting nozzle

Root Cutting

Root ingress is a common cause of drain blockages due to the constant water source which plants and trees crave. To tackle this issue and prevent its recurrence, we utilise water jetting and specialist root cutters, leaving a clear system that performs as it should.

Should this problem have caused damage to piping, No.1 Drains Aberdeen Ltd can also manage drainage repairs and new installations.

CCTV drain survey

CCTV Drain Surveys

The use of CCTV technology allows us to inspect drains thoroughly and detect the root cause of any problems, such as displaced joints, fat build up and collapsed/fractured pipework. By recording the footage, we can identify the best solution and show you exactly what we're dealing with, to keep you in the loop. Drain surveying can also allow us to detect an issue before it develops into a major - and costly - problem. 

Drain unblocking: Water jetting
Drain unblocking: CCTV survey
Root cutting

What to watch out for! Signs of a drain blockage:

  • Unpleasant smells around the drains and property

  • Raised water levels or overflowing of water within the toilet basin 

  • Odd sounds, such as gurgling when flushing or using sinks 

  • Slower drainage

Water drain

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What do our valued customers have to say?

"Gordon was a real godsend today, called at 6.30am, was here at 7, worked SO hard to unblock my drains and knew exactly where the blockages were and how to clear them, he was so professional and friendly and made a point of cleaning everything up after he'd fixed the issue, can't recommend highly enough!"

"Not just interested in just resolving the immediate issue (backed up toilet) but really focused on troubleshooting WHY it was happening. Clearly cares about doing the best job possible. So hard working, I was exhausted just watching him go back and forth. Would 100% recommend."

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